Here we are with some spicy and scrumptious dish...

Episode 24

Garlic Butter Rice

Papaya Halwa

Clams Indian Style

  1. Red Chillies
  2. Cumin seeds
  3. Coriander seeds
  4. Mustard seeds
  5. Fenugreek seeds
  6. Garlic
  7. Tamarind

Episode 23

Nasi Lemak Pandan

Bendi Rendang

Sago Gula Melaka

Episode 22

Squid Masala

Ragi Tosai

Atta Halwa

Episode 21

Hariyali Chicken

Mughalai Paratha

Getas Getas

Episode 20

Khus Khus Kheer

Beetroot Pulao

- Bay leave
- Cardamoms
- Cinnamon
- ClovesStar anise
- Cumin seeds
- Bay leave

Prawn Koliwada

Episode 19

Chilli Chicken

Pineapple Rice

Kuih Lepat Labu

Episode 18

Stuffed squid with potato

Indian Style Bihun

Sweet Vada

Making of Jaggery syrup:

Making of Sweet Vada:

Episode 17

Fish Pulusu

Paal Rasam

Nanban Kanji

Episode 16

Kerala Style Mutton Fry

Step 1 – to cook the Mutton

Step 2-Mutton Fry

Carrot Burfi

Bhindi Do Pyaza

Episode 15

Chicken Dhansak

Masala Paratha




Episode 14

Pohool Makhana Kheer

Palak Rice

Prawn Pollichathu

For the main preparation:

Episode 13

Shark Fish Curry

Fish Varrey

Ulunthu Kanji

Episode 12

Dhaba Mutton

Kulcha Roti

Kuih Talam

Bottom Layer

Top Layer

Episode 11: Mutton Kheema Mattar

Apple Ragi Halwa


Episode 10: Prawn Malai Curry


Grasshopper pie

Episode 09: Fish Manchurian

Dhaba Style Aloo Parath

Cucur Carrot

Episode 08: Black Pepper Chicken

Milk Pulau

Bingka Ubi Kayu

Episode 07 : Pumpkin Sothi

Ingredients and method of preparing Pumpkin Sothi...

Chinese Cabbage Pakora

Ingredients and method of preparing Chinese Cabbage Pakora....

Bubur Chacha

Ingredients and method of preparing Bubur Chacha....

Episode 06: Kerala Chicken Roast

Ingredients and method of preparing Kerala Chicken Roast....


Ingredients and method of preparing Churi ....

Chapathi Dhall

Ingredients and method of preparing Chapathi Dhall....

Epiosde 05: Goan Fish Curry

Ingredients and method of preparing Goan Fish curry..

Peanut Rice

Ingredients and method of preparing peanut rice...the aroma is just goshhh...

Kuih Kosui

Ingredients and method of preparing kuih kosui...

Episode 04: Bubur Jagung Susu

Ingredients and methods of preparing this mouth-watering dessert...

Kam Heong Crab

Ingredients and methods of preparing this yummylicious dish...

Serve immediately and enjoy!

Curry leave Tosai

Indeed an interesting dish...

Episode 03 : Prawn Masala

Ingredients that needed for Prawn Masala

Check out the PREPARATIONS of the scrumptious dish:

Tomato Rice

The key points to note before preparing Tomato Rice...

Methods of preparing...

Rice Cereal Treat Donuts

Ingredients and preparations for this mouth-watering treat...

Episode 02: Mutton Chukka

Ingredients that needed for this dish!

How to Prepare the masala for the mutton chukka..

- Roast the below spices together on a dry pan until there is aroma and then grind them all.

- Dry Chilli, Cumin seed, fennel seed, coriander seed, cardamom, black peppercorn, cinnamon stick and cloves.

Indian Style Creamed Spinach

Ingredients and preparations to make Indian Style Creamed Spinach..

Kuih Bom

Ingredients and methods of preparing the mouth-watering dessert...

Episode 01: Chicken Satti Sorru

Ingredients that needed for Masala Paste!

Ingredients needed for main dish, Chicken Satti Sorru....

Let's delve on the method of making this insane delicious dish..

Heat pot and add cooking oil and ghee.

• Add cinnamon, clove, cardamom, dry chilli, and curry leaves in the oil.

• Saute for a while and add ginger and garlic paste, finely chopped small onion and tomato.

• Saute until the tomato cooks

• Add marinated chicken pieces (marinate the chicken with the turmeric, chilli powder and salt) in the pot and mix it well.

• While the chicken is cooking, prepare masala paste (a mixture of garam masala and chicken meat curry powder)

• Add masala paste to the chicken then add water and salt

• Let the chicken cook for a few minutes with the lid closed.

• Cook until the chicken is well coated with the gravy.

• When the chicken is cooked, add rice to the chicken gravy and mix it well

• Finally add Fernleaf Full Cream Milk (mixed from milk powder) to the mixture of chicken gravy and rice

• The delicious Chicken Satti Sorru is now ready to serve!

Kothamalli Thogayal

Ingredients and methods of making Kothamalli Thogayal..

Let's delve on the method of making this insane delicious dish..

Heat a pan with oil, add Urad dal and gram dal. Fry them in oil until they turn light golden-brown colour.

• Then add red chillies, hing, coriander seeds and black peppercorn

• Place the fried ingredients in a separate plate and cool it.

• Add oil to the pan, add grated coconut and tamarind. Fry for a while and move it to the plate with the previous fried ingredients

• Add coriander leaves and mint leaves to the heated pan and saute for a couple of minutes.

• Allow the fried ingredients to cool down before grinding

• Once the ingredients are cooled down, add all the ingredients to the mixer jar with salt and brown sugar and grind the ingredients to a coarse paste.

• You may add a little bit of water to ease the grinding process.

• Take the Coriander leave Chutney in a bowl

• It’s ready to serve

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter

Ingredients and methods of preparing the mouth-watering dessert...

Let's delve on the method of making this insane dessert...

• Mix graham crackers crumbs with sugar and melted salted butter. Add creamy peanut butter and mix.

• Then transfer the mixture to a tray and pour melted chocolate on top of the peanut butter layer.

• Chill in the refrigerator until set, then cut into square pieces.

• Delicious Chocolate peanut butter is ready to serve

Full of aroma and you'll never regret of trying it!

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