This upcoming school holidays, Astro customers and their kids can look forward to more Astro Kids Original premiering series themed ‘Geng Kita’, including family comedy drama Senduk Swap, school kids comedy SMK 4 and investigative comedy Skuad Detektif KBAT, available from September, on TV, Astro GO and On Demand.

Farah Fauzana, Head of International Kids Content, Astro, said, “We are excited to offer parents and kids more premiering Astro Kids Original series to enjoy together this school holidays. From diverse storytelling and narratives suited to our local audiences, our customers can also enjoy various themes and learnings including teamwork, positive life lessons, and what friendships and family really mean. We hope customers enjoy Senduk Swap, SMK 4 and Skuad Detektif KBAT and we look forward to working with more local talents and directors for more quality original shows.”

Customers can look forward to ‘Senduk Swap’, a family comedy series that presents a unique concept of mysterious body swapping involving two girls, Ayu (Qasrina) and Sofea (Emma). To get their normal lives back, they need to find their own identity and embark on a journey of self-growth. This series stars popular cast Dato’ Sri Eizlan Yusof, Fatimah Abu, Bakar, Qasrina Karim, Emma Sofea, and more. ‘Senduk Swap’ will premiere on 9 September, every Friday at 3pm on TA-DAA! (Ch 612).

Jared Lee, Director of Senduk Swap, said, “When I was asked to pitch a series for family channel, the first thing that ran through my mind were two things – what do I love which is family friendly and what is the local programme that we have not seen awhile? Food came to mind and my love of fantastical concepts, example body swapping like ‘Soul’ by Pixar and ‘Your Name’, directed by Makoto Shinkai. I combined these two elements with the help of June, Leysha, Zahrin, and the TA-DAA! team to produce ‘Senduk Swap’! This series will bring families together, inspire youth to chase their dreams, and applies elements of sincerity and helping each other. I hope this series will also open new doors for the talented cast and crew, as they made this a reality.”
Fans of hit series, ‘SMK’ can enjoy to the premier of Season 4 where the SMK gang is reunited after the pandemic. SMK 4 stars Muhammad Shahidan (Idan Aedan), Mohd Wafiy Ilhan, Erissa Puteri, Mia Sara Nasuha, as well as Elly Mazlein and Aziz M. Osman. This 10-episode season will premiere on 3 October, every Monday at 9pm on Astro Ceria (Ch 611).

Junad M. Nor, Co-director of SMK 4, said, "In 'SMK' season 4, we will explore lives of a group of 16-year-old teenagers that are transparent with their feelings, more daring to be themselves and not afraid to face mistakes. SMK 4 offers kids and their families positive life lessons they can get from friends and methods to cope with the pandemic.”

Khairi Anwar, Co-director of SMK 4, said, “SMK is my first TV series, starting with SMK Season 3, and now SMK Season 4. This is my catalyst to fulfilling my dream in the entertainment industry. The story of students going through different phases in life in SMK, is a story shared by many Malaysians. I hope that through SMK Season 4, we can inspire our audiences, especially younger Malaysians.”

Furthermore, customers can also catch ‘Skuad Detektif KBAT’, an investigative comedy series about four best friends – Khai (Adam), Brian (Issac), Ana (Aireen) and Trisha (Alyssa) – on a mission to investigate an international diamond thief. They use KBAT techniques to solve the mystery and without realizing that they will encounter unexpected threats. Skuad Detektif KBAT stars Adam Darwisyh, Isaac Lim, Airene Adriana, Alyssa Dezek as well as popular actress Catriona Ross and local comedian Douglas Lim. This 12 episode series will premiere on 21 September, every Wednesday at 3pm on Astro Ceria (Ch 611) and Astro Tutor TV SK (Ch 601).

Hasnul Hadi Suhadi, Director of Skuad Detektif KBAT, said, “When I was given the task to handle Skuad Detektif KBAT, I was intrigued by the story, an investigative comedy series involving kids and educational information. The major task was to make sure the story will be entertaining enough for kids to watch while at the same time, fit educational requirements. We tried our best to achieve that purpose. I hope everyone will enjoy the show and all the kids who watch the show will be more interested in learning KBAT at their school. KBAT is cool or as we say it in Skuad Detektif KBAT “KBAT HEBAT”.”

In addition to the variety of new series on school holiday offerings, kids and their families can also come to ‘Fun Escapade’, packed with fun-filled activities for kids, from 28 August to 18 September at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. Kids can meet their favourite cartoon characters including Pinkfong, Baby Shark, SpongeBob, Patrick, Mechamato, Omar & Hana and many more. Astro customers can also enjoy special privileges and exclusive discounts on merchandise at the event.