Era Rawther took TikTok by storm with videos showing her lip-syncing performances of Tamil content. The 28-year-old entrepreneur's ability to combine Tamil movies, dramas, and songs with her tudung-clad performances has helped her stand out from other Malaysian content creators and attract a dedicated audience.

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Having said that, it requires precision and skill to match the timing and emotions of the original content, so it's impressive that Era Rawther has been able to captivate audiences with her performances.

Speaking about Era Rawther's background with Tamil movies and languages, she is at a conversational level, which means she can communicate in basic everyday situations. With continued practice and exposure to the language, she may be able to improve her speaking skills even further.

Born and bred in Sabah, being half Indian and half Bruneian, Era Rawther has a unique perspective and appreciation for both cultures. Through her lip-syncing performances of Tamil content, she can share her love for Indian culture with others in Malaysia and beyond.

Just look at her expression though:

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Indeed, impressive that she could able to understand Tamil movies since she was a little kid and has even learned to read the Tamil writing system.

It's inspiring to see young entrepreneurs like Era Rawther use their creativity and unique perspectives to succeed in the digital world. Her success on TikTok is a reminder of the power of social media to connect people and inspire creativity.

Source / Image Credit: World of Buzz , Era Rawther'S Tik Tok