If you're a working adult in Malaysia, chances are you will see a small salary deduction every month for SOCSO. Most of us pay this amount, but don't really know what it's for or what benefits we get from it.

The Social Security Organization, widely known as SOCSO or PERKESO, is a government agency established under the Ministry of Human Resources.

SOCSO contributions are made by both employees and employers when a person is employed, in order to provide social security for employees in the event of workplace injuries, emergencies, occupational diseases and death.

But many SOCSO contributors have yet to learn the real benefits this scheme has to offer. Check out its benefits here:

Employment Injury Scheme

The employment injury scheme protects employees against accidents and occupational disease during the course of employment.

These are the benefits of the Employment Injury Scheme:

Invalidity Pension Scheme

Invalidity Pension Scheme refers to the coverage against incurable illnesses which prohibits the employee from performing daily tasks and earning a living. This includes terminal diseases, stroke and more.

The benefits are:
Besides the above-mentioned benefits, these are the other vital information a SOCSO contributor should be aware of:

Source: SunDaily and LoanStreet
Image credit: HumanResourcesOnline and Robertneuberger