The wildcard round kicked off with a bang as six talented contestants vied for a spot in the grand finale with electrifying performances.

Yassakaran dazzled the audience with his rendition of 'Salomiya', showcasing impressive improvisation applauded by Dr. Burn and noted for strong high notes by Yogi B.

Next up, Chaaruhasne brought vibrant energy with 'Adada Nadandhu Varaa', earning praise from Preetha for singing comfortably despite not feeling well, and admiration from Yogi B for her commendable effort.

Unnitheivan followed with 'Thirupathy Ezhumalai', impressing judges with a performance that Dr. Burn and Yogi B agreed surpassed his second round, despite critiques.

Shirley charmed with the folk song 'Kaanangathe', receiving acknowledgment from Preetha for song choice and confidence, while Yogi B enjoyed her performance.

Yoshiny ignited the stage with 'Karu Karupayi', earning praise from Dr. Burn for her best performance yet, with Yogi B advising on improvement and admiring her tone.

Lastly, Thesyalan set the vibe with 'Kaathadikuthu', although judges noted a lack of capturing the song's joy, with both Preetha and Yogi B observing a slight confusion in mood.

Unfortunately, Lachman was unable to participate due to health reasons, adding to the suspense of the wildcard round's outcome.

The anticipation is killing us! Let's see who will emerge victorious in The Big Stage Tamil s2 Grand Finale. Catch the Grand Finale on this Sunday at 9 PM on Vinmeen.