Prepare for the much-anticipated return of Cook With Comali Season 5, promising a delightful blend of laughter, fierce competition, and mouth-watering culinary creations. The show's unique genre, which pairs comedians (Comalis) with contestants, has captured the fan base eagerly awaiting its latest season.

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Leading the discerning panel of judges is Chef Damu, a stalwart presence since season 1, bringing unparalleled culinary expertise and seasoned experience. Joining him this season is Madhampatty Rangaraj, adding a fresh perspective and culinary knowledge to the esteemed panel.

Comalis for Season 5

The lineup of talented Comalis includes Anshitha Akbarsha, GP Muthu, Sunita Gogoi, Shivangi, Ramar, Kureshi, Pugazh, and Shabishabnam, each ready to infuse their comedic flair into the culinary challenges.


Gearing up the viewers through the exciting journey are VJ Rakshan and Manimegalai, who bring their charm and energy to elevate the show's entertainment at the peak level.

Rumoured Contestants:

While the official cast remains a mystery, anticipation mounts with rumored returning favorites such as comedian Pugazh and judge Chef Damu. Exciting new additions are speculated to include actor VTV Ganesh, Poornima Ravi, Divya Duraisamy, Swathishta Krishnan, YouTuber Irfan, Srikanth Deva, Vadivukkarasi, and Umapathi.

Stay tuned to Vijay TV for official announcements on the final contestant line-up!

Source : Times New India
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