At just 7 years old, Josiah Raj has etched his name into the annals of history by securing a spot in the prestigious Malaysian Book of Records. His exceptional feat centers around his extraordinary ability known as "Perfect Pitch," a rare auditory skill possessed by only a select few.

A perfect Pitch, is referred to as absolute pitch - a musical aptitude where an individual can accurately identify and reproduce musical notes without any reference point. In Josiah's case, his talent goes beyond mere note recognition. He has demonstrated his prowess by flawlessly distinguishing and naming a remarkable array of musical elements.

For instance, he can effortlessly pinpoint 10 distinct notes, lending his ears to the intricacies of each pitch's unique sonic fingerprint. Beyond individual notes, Josiah has showcased his mastery by identifying 7 different chords, which are combinations of multiple notes played simultaneously, and 6 distinct pitches, indicating his sensitivity to variations in musical frequency.

Born and bred in Kerteh, Terengganu - the young kiddo is currently pursuing his Year 1 at Sk Rantau Petronas. What makes Josiah's achievement even more astonishing is that he accomplishes all of this through his keen sense of hearing alone. When presented with music played on a piano situated behind him, he effortlessly deciphers the intricate patterns and relationships within the composition, showcasing an innate connection with the world of sound.

There's a saying that: parents often play a significant role in shaping their children's lives and helping them achieve their goals. Indeed a great example for all the parents out there as Josiah's parents, Nicholas and Jessica Kaur, have been such a strong source of support and encouragement for his success.

Big congratulations to our little champ for breaking the national record and becoming the youngest perfect pitch!