A 5-year-old boy hailing from Johor Bahru broke the record for being able to identify 56 international flags a minute, proving that age need not be an obstacle to achieve or reach to great milestone.

With that let’s meet - Bhaaviin Sathiaseelan who has secured himself in the Malaysia Book of Records.

Speaking about where it all began…

His journey, which began amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown, reflects a passion that sets him apart.

At the tender age of two, Bhaaviin developed an unwavering interest in flags, sparked by a daily ritual of watching a YouTube video titled "Guess the Flag." His family, including his mother, a dedicated teacher at Crescendo Help International School, JB, and his father, Ts. Sathiaseelan K Dorai Raju, a Facility Manager at MDIS - Management Development Institute of Singapore, found themselves captivated by Bhaaviin's fervor as he effortlessly named every flag in the world by the age of three.

In addition, Bhaaviin's educational journey, rooted in Cherie Hearts International Preschool since infancy, played a pivotal role in nurturing his exceptional abilities. His profound knowledge of flags not only astonished his family but also showcased the impact of early education on his intellectual development.

Bhaaviin's story is not just a record-setting achievement but giving us a realisation that in a world consumed by challenges, he found solace, joy, and purpose in the vibrant world of flags. His unbridled enthusiasm and ability to turn a challenging period into a time of constructive exploration showcase the resilience and potential that young minds possess.

Congratulation lil champ!