Following his Oscar win for the soundtrack of "Slumdog Millionaire," AR Rahman's life and career reached new heights, bringing him into contact with many prominent figures in Hollywood. Among these encounters, Rahman once recalled a memorable meeting with Michael Jackson. To assess the capabilities of his new Hollywood agent, Sam Schwartz, Rahman devised a unique test for him.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, Rahman recounted a significant moment involving Michael Jackson. He revealed:

"The late Michael Jackson was supposed to sing for director Shankar’s 'Enthiran.' We had two meetings, and a third was planned to discuss the song genre further. Unfortunately, I received the news of his demise before that could happen."

Director Shankar had urged AR Rahman to approach Michael Jackson for a song in his film, a dream collaboration that ultimately did not materialize. Additionally, Michael Jackson had expressed a desire to work with Rahman just two months before his passing.

Indeed, this missed opportunity remains a poignant memory in Rahman's career.

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Image Credit : Michael Jackson