Blew away over the last few months by having his photography skills acknowledged by prestigious photography competitions. For an enthusiastic photographer, Mohan Raj shows anything truly is possible if you do what you LOVE.

Mohan Raj - is probably one of the most distinguished wildlife photographers of our time in Malaysia.

Born and bred in Taiping, Perak, Mohan is a living example of how one would stay true to their passion. Astro Ulagam had the opportunity to chat with the MAN himself to discover what makes his mind tick and the aspects of life that makes him indulge in wild photography.

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“The scenery with the squirrel was beautiful which made me capture the moment. I would say that it was quite challenging as the squirrel was running here and there, but it was well worth the effort because the photo turned out great. That’s when my passion started, and the rest is history.”

As the quote denotes, the 28-year-old shutterbug has shared one of the most memorable pictures with us.

“Named as Wild Gray Crowned Crane, this bird is quite rare to see in Asia and I waited about three weeks just for the wild bird. The amount of patience that the man had to bear was just crazy tho.”

Just look at the incredible math behind all the efforts. It’s all worth the wait as Mohan managed to capture the most magnificent moment - birds in flight (the bird flew with the feather drop). There's no doubt that the shot was indeed beautiful!

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Asking how all the photographs are exceptionally unique and unconventional, Mohan has stated that he creates a personal style that comes through in his wildlife photography.

His most recent accolades include the Tobuovimaan Season 4 top 7 wildlife Photographer Award, Kolkata Photography Exhibition Award ( Indian) Delhi Exhibition Award, Gujarat National Exhibition Award, Chennai Tamil Nadu Echo Eighteen National Exhibition Award, IPA bird photography award and the list will keep piling up as he truly deserves this much of recognition.

From being featured thrice in Canon Malaysia and proudly emerging as the recipient of 35 International Photography awards, the inspiring photographer emphasizes consistency, patience, humbleness, passion, and hard work are some of the important factors for a photographer to participate in any contest.

Love Your passion, it'll bring you to the right place. - Mohan Raj

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When you have spent countless hours in nature documenting wildlife, it can be really addictive to you, as your passion speaks more than your personality.

Those who are keen to go through or have a sneak peek of his amazing shots, check out his Website and Instagram page. You will fall in love with his photographs and inspire the millennials and Gen Z to take their interest in photography skills to the next level.