Ruhan Ravindran takes the crown in an epic showdown of Astro 2024!

Billed as the "Latest Sensation" in the Malaysian Tamil music sphere, Ruhan's victory in this year's Big Stage Tamil S2 competition marks a significant milestone in his burgeoning musical journey.

In an exclusive interview, Ruhan shares his overwhelming emotions upon clinching the crown:

"I was completely flabbergasted, rendered speechless by the momentous win. It's truly a dream come true, knowing that I've made my world – my family and close ones – immensely proud."

Despite his meteoric rise in this competition, the 22-year-old harbours aspirations beyond the competition realm, expressing a desire to craft independent albums and collaborate with fellow artists. Balancing his musical pursuits with academic commitments, Ruhan acknowledges the unwavering support of his family and mentors, particularly Dr. Saifuddin Saleh, Deputy Dean of his course.

With an auspicious beginning, Ruhan's future in the music industry appears promising, fueled by his vocal prowess and captivating stage presence. His dedication to musical excellence is evident in his emphasize on versatility, passion, and audience interaction as crucial aspects of performance art.

Ruhan's musical journey exemplifies a profound connection to his craft, underscoring his commitment to captivating audiences with his artistry and talent. As he embarks on this exciting chapter of his career, there's no doubt that the champ will continue to enchant audiences with his melodious offerings and charismatic performances.

Once again congratulations and best wishes for your upcoming projects, Ruhan!