When did they grow up so fast? Witnessing their talent blossom at such a young age is truly a blessing.

Could you believe when a 3-year-old Lil Kiddo achieved an extraordinary feat by setting a record in the Malaysian Book of Records for the greatest number of car logos identified by a toddler in a minute?

Yes. From demonstrating recognition skills to amazing the rest of us with exceptional talent, the champ successfully identified 40 logos within a minute, as per the benchmark set by the Malaysian Book of Records.

Known as Veekhash Logendran, the writer is too curious to write about the kiddo’s achievements that will inspire the readers out there.

His remarkable talent lies in identifying car logos, and during a one-minute challenge, he successfully recognized 40 logos - surpassing the benchmark set by the Malaysian Book of Records. What makes this achievement even more astounding is that Veekhash's mother, Rubini Ramasamy, reveals that he can identify more than 250 car logos.

To get more inside scoops on Veekhash's recent achievements, Astro Ulagam has a chat with his mother, Rubini Ramasamy.

Asking about when she spotted her little one's hidden talent….

“At the age of 1 year and 7 months, I began noticing my son's exceptional memory and ability to retain information became apparent as he would grasp and inquire about things taught to him, sparking his parents' interest in nurturing his developing skills,” says Rubini.

When a playful pursuit becomes a historic achievement - Veekhash's record-breaking moment resonates deeply with his parents, proving that dreams can indeed come true.

Receiving such a prestigious record at such a young age is indeed a memorable one. Rubini mentions that while they may not specifically focus on competitions aimed at breaking records, they are open to exploring other opportunities that contribute to Veekhash's growth and development.

Rubini expresses pride in witnessing her son achieve remarkable feats at a young age, attributing his success to hard work and dedication.

“Not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or equal motivation, but they should have the equal right to develop their talent and their ability and their motivation, to make something of themselves.”- John F. Kennedy

As the quote denotes, Logendran (Father) and Rubini (Mother) have stated that it’s indeed their proudest moment as parents seeing their son achieve remarkable feats that make them immensely proud. All credit goes to him for his hard work and dedication. Witnessing his accomplishments brings us immense happiness, knowing that he's thriving and excelling in his pursuits.

Asking about one piece of advice that he would be giving to those parents out there:

“Do not push and compare your child with other kids. Instead, discover your children's talents and nurture them. Each child is unique, and fostering their strengths is key.”

There is no doubt that we fully endorse this statement. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to you for leading by example and inspiring parents to discover their children's talents.

Big shoutout to Veekhash for crushing it and setting the bar higher. Congratulations on your ground-breaking achievements, and may every step you take lead you closer to your next record-breaking triumph!