This story by V Pathmarubini was originally featured on Malaysian Indian Anthology and has been reproduced in Astro Ulagam.

It was the darkest day of my life. Earlier this year, I lost my job when my employer cut down on staff to cut costs. I was drowned in sorrow for two months, just thinking about my commitments while I was an unemployed person - the pending payment of my car, insurance, my postgraduate study's tuition fee, minimum phone bill payment, as well as my travel expenses for my weekly classes.

I had no more tears to shed, I was totally drained seeking for jobs and I faced many sleepless nights.

One fine day, I woke up in the morning to see my car that has been fueled by dad. When I called the bank to check on my outstanding car payment, they mentioned that the payment had already been made by my mom, and as I went to check my bank balance, I learned that my brother and sister had banked in money for my travel expenses for my classes.

After several days, I received a few phone calls requesting my services for bridal henna. Turns out that it was my sister-in-law who had promoted my henna talent to her fellow bride-to-be friends.

I must also highlight my little nephew who never fails to put a smile on my face whenever I am down. Truly they are the epitome of true love, for they continued to lift my spirits and be by my side even during the hardest of times.

Photo source: Malaysian Indian Anthology