Adi Kamal spotted an Indian man with his schooling daughter months back, asking around if anyone needs their car to be washed.

The father, Sukumaran Sanmugam, merely wants to buy school books for his daughter and was willing to wash a car for as low as RM1.

Saddened by the sight, Adi helped that man and posted that incident on Facebook together with Sukumaran's account number.

That post went viral and help start pouring in to the family. Even our former Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak headed to Sukumaran's house to offer his help.

Now, random strangers have helped Sukumaran secure a job, help his kids with their schooling necessities and help the family to manage their financial constraints. The family received all the help that they needed.

Yet, they were unable to track the 'Malay man' who helped to bring their plight to the rest.

Now, after months, the family is finally meeting the man who has helped to transform their life. Check out the video here: