Have you ever come across any gems/dancers who can take on different dance styles ?

Well, meet Fatin Nadhirah Binti Rahmat a talented dancer who was born in Melaka and began her dance journey at the age of 7 at Sekolah Kebangsaan Teruntum in Kuantan. She showed great passion and dedication for dance throughout her school years and actively participated in various art programs and dance performances. One of her significant accomplishments during this period was her participation in Malaysia's Week in London in 2007.

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After completing her secondary education, Fatin Nadhirah pursued her higher education in dance. She successfully earned a Diploma in Dance and later a Bachelor of Dance (Honours) with a major in performance from the National Academy of Arts, Culture, and Heritage (ASWARA). Her academic pursuits at ASWARA provided her with a solid foundation and further enhanced her skills as a dancer.

Nadhirah's talents and hard work were recognized when she was awarded the title of Best Female Dancer for Short+Sweet Malaysia 2016. This recognition came as a result of her exceptional performance in Sharm Noh's choreography titled 'Ketuk'. Apart from her achievements within ASWARA, she actively participated in the academy's productions such as Jamu, Gelombang Baru, TARI, and Main Zapin.

In addition to her involvement with ASWARA, Fatin Nadhirah was also engaged in various external productions. She took part in Dancing in Place at Rimbun Dahan, an event organized by MyDance Alliance, as well as SoundDance by RAW Art Space, Dancebox, and many others. She had the opportunity to work as a dancer in commercial TV shows and music videos for well-known Malaysian artists like Elizabeth Tan (Shh), Ernie Zakri (Boneka), Shiha Zikir (AEWO), and Wany Hasrita (Pedas), among others.

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Fatin Nadhirah's dedication to her craft led her to participate in the Hofesh Shecter workshop in Perth, Australia, in August 2019. This workshop was made possible through sponsorship from MyDance Alliance. Additionally, in early 2020, she competed on Dansa Dan Sing, a dance competition television show, showcasing her talent on a national platform.

The beautiful young lass's performances were not limited to Malaysia, as she had the opportunity to showcase her skills internationally. She has performed in Acheh, Singapore, Jakarta, and Songkhla, expanding her reach and gaining valuable experience in diverse dance environments.

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Having said that, she will be presenting her solo debut of her Bharatanatyam Arangetram at the Temple of Fine Arts in Brickfields on June 24. You derserve all the recoginition in the wolrd, Fatin!

Source: NST. ASK Dance Company