Ready to watch local artists and social media influencers spill beans and get into unfiltered conversation with host Vikadakavi?

If we go by the promos leading up to the BIG episode tonight, we can rest assured that there would be a plethora of debates and a helluva of drama. Don’t even get us started on the controversies!

“Those who love the show will watch it. Those who hate it will also watch it.”

You might question why?

With the ever-talented host, Vikadakavi Magen, electrifying guests, and high-voltage controversies, the brand new talk show - ‘Panas Talk with Vikadakavi’ is making its way today exclusively on Astro Vinmeen (CH 202) at 10 PM, and also Astro GO and On Demand.

It’s just a few minutes to this show, and it would be an understatement to say that we are excited AF!

So, in case you are contemplating whether or not to watch the show, we give you FIVE reasons why ‘Panas Talk with Vikadakavi’ is sure to blast your TV screens:

An electrifying controversial couch

Guess what?

Vikadakavi is all set to bring us an enthralling couch session that will spark conversations and debates!

Get ready for an unparalleled experience as we bring together some of the most influential voices in the industry to discuss and explore the hottest issues of today.

Vikadakavi takes on the role of questioning celebrities or influencers on behalf of the public

With a keen sense of curiosity and a knack for asking thought-provoking questions, Vikadakavi has taken on the important role of questioning celebrities and influencers on behalf of the public. By asking the questions that the public wants answers to, Vikadakavi acts as a representative, ensuring that the voices and concerns of the people are heard.

With a deep understanding of current trends, societal issues, and the pulse of the public, Vikadakavi's interviews go beyond the surface-level questions commonly asked in typical celebrity interviews. Instead, they focus on topics that matter, challenging these figures to think critically and provide insights that resonate with a broader audience.

Witness the 30-minutes of roasting and letting secrets out of the bag

Get ready for an explosive yet intense 30 minutes of sizzling roasts and shocking revelations as our influencers and celebrities take the hot seat.

From researching the celebrities' backgrounds to even having the guts to question them…Trust us, you would be amazed at the way Magen questions the celebrities.

The inside scoop of the entertainment industry

What is the entertainment industry without controversial yet any dramas right?

Everything that is happening in the Malaysian entertainment industry is nothing without the controversy and the dramas that come along with it. But these situations have also brought out strong opinions from influencers & celebrities, giving us a better understanding of their stand in certain situations.

Oru ‘Karasaramane’ Sambavam awaits you....

Get ready to hear points of view put forth with passion and vigor, as they battle it out to put forth their respective points of view. Whether you agree or disagree with the arguments, you can be sure that this is not a debate you would want to miss.

Don't miss out on the latest episodes of Panas Talk with Vikadakavi every Friday at 10 PM. Tune in to watch insightful conversations, engaging debates, and more - only on Astro Vinmeen. Stream anytime On Demand, Astro GO, and never miss a beat.