For many people, maintaining a car is a bigger challenge than buying the vehicle. Most of us may be good drivers, but when it comes to keeping the ride in a good condition is another story altogether.

Here are FIVE simple car hacks that can make your ride smoother:

1) Defog cloudy headlights

We may have seen many older cars with yellow, cloudy headlights. This is because as the vehicle, and by extension, the headlights get older, the plastic covers in them oxidize, turning them into the sorry-looking condition. If your vehicle is one such 'victim', fret not, as it does not have to cost you a fortune to replace the light covers. You can restore the lights to its former glory with just toothpaste! Apply toothpaste on the headlights and scrub them with an old toothbrush. Let it dry, then splash some water on it and dab away the paste with paper towels.

2) Fix minor window chips with nail polish

A big headache when it comes to ownership is fixing damages to the windshield. This more so when your windshield is uninsured, as it may cause hundreds, if not thousands, to get it replaced due to breaks, or cracks. There's a simpler, cheaper way to fix chips and minor cracks on your car windows, using just clear nail polish. All you have to do is carefully apply a thin layer of this polish to the damaged area, and wait for the damaged area to appear almost back to normal when the substance has dried. Better still, the polish filling may even help prevent a crack on the window from growing.

3) Catch the crumbs with cupcake holders

A huge pet peeve among many car owners is eating in the car, which cause crumbs to fall on the carpets and hard-to-reach areas, which in turn causes tiny cockroaches and other bugs to accummulate in the vehicle. However, it is impossible to prevent people, especially your tiny ones from snacking in the car. Grab some cupcake holders and place them in your cupholders to catch all the crumbs and debris. Once the holders have caught enough debris, just toss it away and replace it with new ones. This simple method will not cost you a bomb as cupcake holders can be found at any supermarket, bakeries, or even online.

4) Protect your car doors

Many drivers, including the experienced ones, can't avoid their car doors from getting scratched when exiting the vehicle after parking in a tight spot, including their own garage. You can try buying pool noodles (the foamy strips people use to remain buoyant in a pool), cutting them in half and attaching them into your garage wall. The noodles can protect your doors from getting scratched when you open them.

5) Use your head as an amplifier

Have you ever walked away from your car from a good distance, and forgotten whether you have locked it? Or have you ever walked for hours trying to find your vehicle in a crowded shopping mall or stadium parking lot, after failing to jot down your lot? Use your head - in a literal sense of the word. Keep your car key fob under your chin, and press the buttons, and keep an eye out for your car's flashing lights. This scientifically works because the fluid in the head has been proven to conduct the key fob's wireless signals. However, just make sure you are at least in the same floor of where you have parked your car as this technique only works about 20 feet from the vehicle.

There you go, FIVE simple yet effective tips to make your car ownership more pleasurable. What other tips can you think of?

Happy trying!

Photo source:,, pexels