Ayurveda is a traditional system developed by sages of India, which aims to nourish and balance the mind and body as a whole. In which herbs play an important role.

You might be surprised how easily you can incorporate this into your daily life. And this will not burn a hole in your pocket.

These five most common herbs and spices have amazing benefits and are available at your local grocers or online.


Native to India, most frequently used in food, to drink and herbal medicines. This would be an easy one to incorporate into your life. Just add some while you are stir-frying vegetables, or as a rub on that roasted chicken or even a pinch in your tea. Get a good grade of turmeric in stores now!

How does it help:

• Promotes Balanced Mood
• Helps Wounds Heal
• Eases Aches and Discomfort
• Encourages Balanced Blood Sugar
• Soothes Irritated Tissue
• Loosens Stiff Joints
• Encourages Normal Lipid Levels
• Supports the Stomach Lining

2. Cinnamon

An herb that is packed with a sweet taste it is heavily used in desserts. It is also however very versatile and can be used to flavour savoury dishes as well. Or pop some on a hot cup of cocoa drink. The choices are endless. Just make sure you pick a healthy option.

How does it help:

• Moderates Blood Sugar Levels and Reduces Insulin Resistance
• Lowers Cholesterol and Has Cardiovascular Benefits
• Reduces Blood Pressure Due to Dilating Action of Cinnamaldehyde
• Cuts Inflammation and Fights Inflammatory Disease
• Tackles Bacterial, Fungal, And Viral Infections
• Prevents Acne Breakouts
• Eases PCOS Symptoms, Menstrual Cramps, And Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
• Helps You Overcome Fatigue and Feel Energized
• Boosts Circulation and Cuts Inflammation To Ease Arthritis Symptoms

3. Cloves

A common ingredient in Asian cooking and not many people know that it’s a flower! It’s a dried, unopened flower native to Maluku Islands of Indonesia.

How does it help:

• Improves digestion
• Anti-Bacterial
• Anti-Carcinogenic
• Protects the Liver
• Regulates Blood Sugar
• Enhances Immune System
• Anti- Inflammatory
• Cures Respiratory Infection
• Cures Headaches
• Treat Wounds

4. Ginger

Almost every cuisine in the world uses ginger in some form. Fresh ginger and dried ginger is readily available in grocery stores.

How does it help:

• Eases Nausea
• Increases Insulin Sensitivity and protects against diabetes
• Lowers Inflammation
• Lowers Cholesterol Level
• Prevents Bacterial & Fungal Infections
• Relieves Heartburn, Ulcer and other Digestive problems
• Soothes Muscle Pain
• Clear Congestion

5. Cardamom

This has been called one of the most expensive spices in the world. Widely used in Indian cooking, this power-packed spice is native to India, Indonesia, Bhutan, and Nepal.

How does it help:

• Protects Heart Health
• Anti-depressant
• Prevents Gastrointestinal Diseases
• Antimicrobial properties
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Dental care
• Anti-asthmatic
• Detoxifies Body
• Improves blood circulation
• Treats Nausea, Sore Throats & Vomiting

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