A laptop is an important investment one has to make at least once in their lifetime. Whether a student or a working professional, a laptop gives the convenience of working remotely instead of depending on a desktop that's difficult to be carried around. To keep your laptop running for a long time, avoid these common mistakes that damage your laptop:

1. No ventilation

The laptop's processor gets very hot during its usage and the heat needs to be released to keep the laptop cool. But placing the laptop on a lap or any hard surface will prevent the heat release, and lead to overheating and internal damage.

2. Keep many tabs open

When the laptop is not well ventilated, keeping many tabs open will cause the laptop extra stress and make it generate more heat. Ultimately, it will reduce the laptop's lifespan.

3. Never turn off

The laptop isn't getting the necessary fix and software updates if it is not shut down properly. Just shutting the laptop lid close will make the laptop vulnerable and reduce its life span as the updates will only take effect once the laptop is restarted properly.

4. Never install antivirus

Installing antivirus software is important to keep a laptop running smoothly, as it helps to keep bugs such as malware and virus from the system. Failure to do so might jeopardize the laptop and it might cost a fortune to repair.

5. Holding by the screen

Picking a laptop by the screen might loosen the metal screws attached to its plastic case. Eventually, the casing's condition might deteriorate and snap or get loose. Thus, picking the laptop from the bottom will help to avoid such problems.

Source: Readers Digest & Makeuseof
Image credit: Techowiser