Many of us resort to working out or performing other exercises during our spare time, in order to keep fit.

Letting out the sweat can often leave you feel refreshed afterwards, but these are five Don'ts after a heavy workout session:

1) Overexert yourself

So you have performed your exercise routine, and are sweating profusely. At this juncture, do not "punish" your body by performing more heavy activities as overexertion could leave you fatigued, or worse still, injured.

2) Skip meals

A heavy workout session can drain you of energy and much-needed calories. You would be wrong to assume that eating after a workout will result in weight gain. Your body will need nourishment to replenish the lost nutrients. At least try to drink sufficient water half an hour after an exercise session.

3) Not cooling down

It is common for people to warm up before working down, but many skip the cooling down part, which is crucial to get their muscles to recover, and to get the blood supply flowing smoothly again. Do not just sit down of exhaustion after exercising. Instead do some walking or some light yoga to cool down.

4) Change clothes without showering

Workout clothes are specially made to better absorb sweat, but at the same time, they also harbour lots of bacteria that can be detrimental to the skin, if not cleaned properly. So make sure you get out of your workout clothes and change new ones after a shower as soon as you are done with your session. On that note, your workout pants, underwear, and socks need changing too after the said session.

5) Gorge on fast food

Working out would be futile if you end up stuffing your face with fast, or unhealthy food, as soon as you have completed your session. The same goes to junk food laden with sugar, or soft drinks. You could instead opt for food like yogurt or fresh fruits, peanut butter sandwich, or a post-workout recovery smoothie to regain the lost energy.

Source: Maskulin
Photo source: Pexels