Dashcams, or video cameras mounted on the dasnboard or windscreen of a vehicle to continuously record of the view of the road, traffic, and the vehicle's surroundings through the windscreen have become a necessity for motorists today.

Below are FIVE good reasons you should invest in a reliable dashcam for your vehicle, if it does not come with a built-in device already:

1) Capture car accidents

The main reason to get yourself a dash camera is that you can use the footage recorded as evidence, should there be a car accident. Be it saving your own back in the case of a car crash, or capturing the moment where someone else's vehicle is involved in an accident, these devices can come in handy.

2) For insurance purposes

Dealing with insurance claims after a car accident can be a highly daunting and stressful process. This is where dashcams can ease the fasten the process by having undisputed video recording proof of the said crash. Knowing that a dashcam is fitted into their vehicle also makes some drivers drive more responsibly and carefully, as they know that the video can be used against them if they cause an accident.

In addition, some insurance companies also offer discounts for premiums on cars that are fitted with dashcams, due to the fact that the devices provide extra assurance and an objective perspective.

3) Round-the-clock surveillance for your car

Certain dashcams go beyond recording footage when the car is on the move - they record images and videos of the vehicles 24 hours a day, every day. Such dashcams can be paired with apps on the users' smartphones, so that they can monitor their beloved rides and find out if they are in danger of theft, or bad weather, among others.

4) Prevents auto fraud

Auto frauds happen when unscrupulous parties stage accidents to collect insurance settlements from your provider. There are also instances of these parties stealing licence plates or components from your vehicles.

If at all a fraudster is targetting or your vehicle, the footage captured by your trusty dashcam will prove invaluable to your insurer, and the police.

5) Capture the moments

Dashcams do not only serve "serious" safety purposes. They also capture the moments with your family, and the scenery during your road trip. Had a memorable experience during your last journey? Your device has probably captured it for your playback's sake.

You can find various types of dashcams at car accessory shops, and even online shopping platforms, starting from RM100 something to the thousands, depending on the recording quality and device specifications. Happy hunting!

Source: typesauto.com, blogvava.com
Photo source: Unsplash