As we observe Vinayagar Chathurti, an occasion of great reverence, we aim to shed light on a lesser-known aspect. Have you heard of Vinayaki, the female manifestation of Lord Ganesha, a facet often eclipsed by the more recognised male representation?

According to mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik, as documented in the 'Times of India' in September 2012, the historical accounts of Vinayaki, a lesser-known counterpart to Lord Ganesha, were primarily conveyed through oral traditions. Unfortunately, with the passage of centuries, much of her history faded into the mists of time. Although a few narratives about Vinayaki have endured, the sole dedicated book on her by historian PK Agrawala has long been out of circulation.

Source / Image Credit: Priyamvada Twitter , AllIndiaRoundUp , Shethepeople , HerZindagi