Driving your vehicle when it has unsorted alignment problems can cause accidents.

When your wheels are not propery aligned, it causes much more friction and resistance as you drive. This causes more fuel usage, and makes steering and braking harder.

These are five main signs that your car's alignment needs fixing immediately:

1) 'Pulling' symptom

This is the key indicator of a failing alignment system. It shows when the car is set on a straight path, but veers to the left or right without the steering being turned.

2) Wacky wheel symptom

This becomes apparent when the steering wheel is not in the position it should be. For example, the logo in the middle of the wheel should be in perfectly horizontal position when the vehicle is heading straight. If you have to hold it on an angle just to keep the car straight, it is time you fixed your alignment.

3) Wheel wear

When your tyres experience uneven wear on their treads. Try and check if one side of the tyre is more worn out/bald than the other, and if this is the case, change to new tyres and get your alignment done immediately.

4) Turn return

This is when your steering wheel does not return to its original position after you have steered to the right or the left.

5) Steering vibration

Another common symptom of a wacky alignment, this manifests in an unnecessarily vibrating steering system even when driving on a smooth road.

There are several reasons why one's alignment system can go bust.

These include a strong impact, or wear and tear or damages to the suspension system, which encompasses the shock absorbers, springs, and bushing, among others.

It is advisable to get your alignment checked at least once every three months.

Also pay close attention to your tyres. If there is uneven wear on any of them, chances are you need to get your vehicle to a certified mechanic to fix your alignment, as soon as possible.

Source: Maskulin
Photo source: Freepik.com, istockphoto.com