Father's Day is fast approaching. Don't panic yet if you have nothing to give your old man this coming Sunday (June 19), as there are plenty of personalized gifts you can gift to make the occasion extra special.

Below are FIVE DIY gifts you can start working on to impress the man who has given his all to make your life better, this weekend.

1) Personalized photo blocks/coasters

All you have to do is find wooden blocks (playtoys used by your children would do just nice), or drink coasters, and paste on them, printed photographs of your father with you, or his grandchildren. This gift is simple, yet special enough for him to keep on his work desk and cherish anytime. Alternatively, a mug would do too.

2) Dad/granddad scrapbook

Prepare a special scrapbook where you can paste photos of you or your children with your dad. Get your children to personally decorate the book with fill-in-the blank prompts and their creative scribbles. There's nothing more precious for a person than having the privilege to recall and remember his most prized moments.

3) Mobile phone stand/accessory holder

We all have dads who is fond of spending hours on end on the mobile phone, viewing random videos on Facebook, or Youtube, among others. What better way to ease his task than to gift with him a mobile phone stand that he can place his phone on? Ideally, the wooden stand should have pre-installed hooks and compartments to place his watch/wallet or glasses on.

4) Personalized water bottle

Stencil your dad, or your husband's name on a clear water bottle with just stencils and etching cream, which you can easily purchase online. You bet that he would cherish every gulp that he takes, more.

5) A new wallet embossed with his name

Most, if not all dads, have one thing in common - they all don't replace their wallets until they fall apart. Get him a new wallet, preferably a leather one, and make it extra special by having his name embossed on it. You can easily find how to do this online. Better still, cut up leather and stitch up a new simple wallet for him yourself.

So there you go, five simple yet memorable gifts you can give to the man who has put your/your children's interests, ahead of his own.

At the end of the day, you can choose to treat him to an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant, but one can bet that dads would prefer simple DIY gifts more, as they know that their loved ones have put in time and effort into the latter.

Advanced Happy Father's Day to all dads out there!

Source: oprahdaily.com
Photos source: oprahdaily.com, pexels, myflowertree.com