From drastically changing their dietary habits to working out at the gym, people different approaches to shed the extra kilos.

As cliched as it may sound, 'you are (indeed) what you eat', as watching what you eat is the best way to control your weight, as well as your health conditions.

Below are some simple ways you can cut down the extra flab without starving yourself:

1) Up the plain water intake

Consume water during and between meals, so that your tummy will feel full faster, hence cutting down on your food intake. And by water, we don't mean carbonated drinks or teh tarik during meals. Plain water remains the best option as it also flushes down toxins accumulated in your body.

2) Chew slower

Don't gorge down on food as if the plate is going to grow legs and run away. Chew your food slower so that it is broken down into smaller chunks, for easier swallowing, and digestion. Chewing lower can also signal your brain that you have eaten enough, when in fact, the quantity you have consumed is the usual.

3) Use a small plate

This is the most obvious option. Smaller plate = lesser food can fit on it. Putting the usual amount on food on a small plate will give the image that you are eating enough, as opposed to having your usual portion on a large plate.

4) Up the protein intake

Many people make the mistake of completely cutting down on meat intake to reduce weight, and end up not getting the protein that their body badly needs. Read up on food that is packed with protein, so that you can have your cake and eat it too.

5) Increase your fibre intake

Fruits and vegetables are among food items that are high on much-need fiber. Swap that tub of comfort ice-cream or bar or chocolate with a bowl of fruit salad, or vegetable soup to stay healthy.


Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables. This is so that you can cut down on your portion of rice, which is packed with carbohydrates that cause weight gain and Type 2 diabetes.

Hope the tips above will help you on your weight loss journey. Do share if you have any other tips to add on to this list.

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