International Women’s Day is just around the corner and no matter how busy you are, it’s time to take a moment and cherish the women in your life—your mother, sister, lover, wife, and daughter. They have been through the moon and back to show how much they care and love, so it’s time to show them how much they mean to you.

From classic literary works to contemporary romantic comedies, women have often been portrayed as emotionally complex and unpredictable beings. But making a woman happy is so simple that you won’t even believe it!

Cute, memorable surprises on special days; Simple, thoughtful gifts; Deep, meaningful conversations; Late-night movies; Chocolates; Yes, it’s as simple as getting them chocolates on your way back home.

Just to make things easier for you, we have compiled five fail-proof ways to celebrate your woman for this year’s Women’s Day celebration.
  1. Plan a surprise all-girls night out for her

After all, it’s her day. Let her have some fun—gossiping and munching on titbits—with her favourite girlfriends. Secretly, get in touch with her best mates and plan this night out as a surprise. You could book a buffet at a hotel or a local diner, buy tickets to the movie of her most recent celebrity-crush or just throw a surprise party at your place.
  1. Write a letter and share favourite photos

Technology has created an emotional barrier in relationships. There is always a ‘screen’ between all of us, making it easier to hide all our true emotions. Go traditional! Write a letter and tuck in a few of your favourite photos together. Express how thankful and happy you are to have her in your life. Nothing means more than heartfelt words coming from your loved ones.
  1. Get adventurous and let her face her fear

What is she afraid of? Heights, water or cockroaches? Ignite the wild, adventurous spirit in her by making her face her fear. Do adventure sports or activities together. You can try out archery, kayaking, bungee jumping, rock climbing or even zip lining. Anything that’ll get her sweating and a massive adrenaline rush! This is not only fun, but she will end up feeling empowered.
  1. Drive away for a weekend getaway

Long drives are one of the best ways to talk and bond while travelling together. Make up for all your busy days by taking the entire weekend off for a quick getaway with her. This might sound like any other short breaks, but it’s not. When she knows that the entire purpose of the getaway was to spend time with her, she will be even more delighted and thrilled.
  1. Cook a special breakfast-in-bed

If you are not up for any of the suggestions in this list, here’s our final call. We saved the best for the last and this is every woman’s dream. Simply make a breakfast-in-bed for her.

More than the food, it’s the gesture that makes a woman feel loved and appreciated. If you have never once cooked in your life, this can seem impossible. But, fret no more because we have got some easy breakfast recipes linked below. Check it out:
Share these ideas with your family and friends. Let us know how these turned out for you. Happy Women’s Day!

Photo Credit: Kush Walia, Portaloko & Adventure Travelling