Most of us would have come across a Rubik's cube and held it in our hands for a few minutes, before giving up on trying to solve the combination puzzle.

However, five-year-old Thashan VS Dubashan from Klang has successfully completed the puzzle, and all it took him was just two minutes!

What makes the feat more impressive is Thashan was only trained by his mother Hashaa Devi for eight days prior to the challenge.

For this impressive achievement, Thashan secured a place in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) as the youngest to solve the Rubik's Cube 2021, last Tuesday.

Adorable photos and videos of Thasan performing the feat under the watchful eyes of his parents and MBR officials are currently being circulated on Facebook.

Posts of Thashan's achievements are also going viral on social media, and rightfully so. His father Dubashan has also shared snippets of the puzzle solving challenge on his Facebook page.

A million congrats little one, and his proud parents. Thashan has proved that age is no barrier to one reaching great heights.

Here's wishing him all the very best to breaking and creating more records in the future!

Photo source: Facebook