Every culture has its own fair share of folktales that are rich with moral values.

Asia is not alone when it comes to such folktales. Some of these stories are humorous and others are filled with tragedy.

Either way, these stories have made the young and old laugh and ponder about life.

1. A Tale Of An Old Man With Two Wives

Once upon a time, there was an old man who had two wives. The first wife was a young girl who was beautiful while the other was an old woman who was wrinkly. Because both wives couldn't get along with each other, the old man decided to build separate houses for them. He stayed with them on alternate days. On the days when he stayed with the young wife, she would pluck out his grey hairs because she said he looked old. When he stayed with his old wife, she would pick out his black hairs because she didn't want him to look young. Soon the man became bald. This is originally a famous Aesop's Fables story that has been retold time and time again in different cultures around the world, especially in Asia.

Moral of the story: Having one wife is more than enough.

2. The Loyal Mongoose

A young family had a pet mongoose. One day while the husband was away, the wife, who had to busy herself in the kitchen, told the mongoose to keep a lookout on their newborn. While she was at the kitchen she heard a sound. When she went to the hall where the baby was, to her horror she discovered the mongoose with the blood on his snout. Thinking that the mongoose had harmed her baby, she took a stick and killed the pet. It was only when she discovered a dead bloodied snake when she realised that she should not have reacted in haste.

Moral of the story: Always be level headed and assess the situation first before reacting.

3. The Clever Jackal And The Tyrannical Elephant

Once upon a time, there was an elephant that was a tyrant. It used to abuse its power by rampaging through the jungle, endangering many animals. All of these animals decided to go to an old but wise jackal in hopes he had a way to solve this issue. The jackal then went to the elephant and pronounced it king. Then the jackal urged the elephant to follow him to the swamp where the "ceremony" was to be held. When the elephant reached the swamp, it realised it was unable to get out and drowned.

Moral of the story: Any person who abuses his or her power will have to face the consequences of their actions.

There are many other stories which have been told over time, but these were the best ones so far that are famous among many Asians worldwide.

Article source: The Culture Trip, Study.com

Photo Source: Katha Kids, Aesop's Books, Susil Sri Creations via Folklore for Managers, Panchatantra Series