Nowadays, people have largely switched to purchasing everything, from groceries to furniture, online.

This especially the case since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. However, buying things like furniture online, without physically seeing it online, can often turn to be a bad experience, as the end product arrives not as advertised.

Here are some tips you should follow before purchasing long-last items like furniture, online:

1) Check the seller's reputation

This is one of the most crucial elements that you should observe, as the seller's reputation may determine the quality of the products they sell. Check out the store's rating and reviews on the online platform where you are shopping from.

2) Check the warranty period

This is an element hardly offered, but should be included, in online purchases. Make sure the seller has a reliable response channel, should you have any feedback or complaint to relay after you have bought their products.

3) Get the numbers right

A common problem many people have faced when buying bulky items online are getting a product that is way too small or big than what they actually require. Check the correct measurements of the column you are planning to fit your furniture in and establish if the item you are purchasing online can fit in the mentioned space.

4) Establish the material

A 'weakness' in buying items online is that you don't get to physically touch and feel them prior to purchase. This is why it is crucial for you to establish if the items advertised online match your exact requirement. For instance, you don't want to be disappointed by getting a faux-leather sofa you purchased online, when what you were looking for is genuine leather.

5) Colors, colors, colors

Remember that the item you buy online may differ in color than the product you have purchased online - thanks to lighting, angles and possible touch-ups used when advertising.

6) Opt for a trustable courier service

Many consumers have complained of receiving broken or damaged items, thanks to delivery service companies which mandhandle the packages while on transit, or during delivery. If you have the choice, opt for a trustworthy delivery company to handle your order.

7) Avoid impulsive shopping

One common trick that online platforms use to entice buyers to do online purchases is having discounted sales on particular dates every month. If you see an item that is on bargain, do not rush into buying as it may end up to be a disappointing experience for you afterwards. Take your time to research the product first before clicking on the pay button.

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