How many of us can lay claim to having created a national record in our lifetimes, let alone in our childhood?

Vishan Rajasekaran is only four, but the smart boy from Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, has already secured a name in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR)!

This is for naming an impressive 147 flags in 15 minutes to gain entry into the Most Number of International Flags Identified By a Child category, on July 26 this year.

Speaking to Astro Ulagam, Vishan's father Dr Rajesekaran said his son has always had a knack for colours - recognizing items and people by the colour of the clothes they wear, when he was even younger.

Having noticed this special ability, Rajasekaran bought Vishan a set of 10 flag cards and it took no time for the kid to memorize them. Rajasekaran then bought an even bigger set of flag cards online, and by last December, Vishan had already memorized them.

"I emailed MBR to attempt the record feat but the Movement Control Order (MCO) postponed the event a few times, before it was finally held in July.

"The event was held over Zoom and it took him 15 minutes to name the 147 flags. I believe he would taken a shorter time if the event was held face-to-face," said the proud father, further attributing the win to his wife, homemaker Angila Raju, 30, who helped coach and guide their only child.

Besides this record entry, Vishan had also previously won several push bike competitions both locally, and in Singapore.

Next, Vishan has his sights set on the sky, quite literally, as he can already name the planets by their colours. He can even name local political parties, based on their flag colours.

The proud parents are currently in the midst of teaching their son basic grasp of Bahasa Malaysia and English.

An extremely impressive achievement indeed Vishan, and kudos to the parents for raising such a smart child.

Let's hope that Vishan will create and break more records in his bright future, and make his parents, and teh country proud.

Photo source: MStar