Marking two decades since its original release, 'Ghilli' has returned to cinemas with a re-release that extends beyond Tamil Nadu, captivating audiences in Kerala, the UK, France, and Malaysia. Fans from across these regions have flocked to theatres, sharing their excitement through videos and posts, reliving the film's magic as if experiencing it anew.

Released in April 2004, 'Ghilli' propelled Vijay to superstardom, showcasing the story of a kabaddi player who protects a stranger from gangsters. The film was a massive success, marking a turning point in Vijay's career and standing as one of Tamil cinema's all-time hits.

Theatres have transformed into festive hubs, with fans enthusiastically embracing the 'Ghilli' re-release. Social media has been abuzz with videos capturing the vibrant celebrations unfolding in cinemas.

Responding to the overwhelming fan response, 'Ghilli' antagonist Prakash Raj has also shared his thoughts on the film's enduring popularity.

According to Lotus Five Star Instagram, most of the show locations has already been sold out till Sunday which before the release itself. This is a big thing though!

Have you watched Ghilli at your nearest thetares? If yes, do share your thoughts with us today!

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