Calling it a responsibility and not a charity, KPY Bala recently came forward, and bought ambulances under his name to provide free medical assistance to economically backward people in need.

This time around, he has donated 4 ambulances to Unarvukal Trust and this man is definietly a gem that we could look up to.

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Previously, the gem with generosity and philanthropy is once again in the news for his benevolent act of donating an ambulance to an old age home for people from underprivileged sections of society. His selfless actions have benefited over 8000 people in a village, providing them with improved healthcare facilities.

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It's heartbreaking to hear that around 8,000 people living in 12 hilly villages around the Kadampur area of Erode district in Tamil Nadu have to travel more than 16 kilometres to reach the nearest hospital in case of any medical emergency. Reportedly, many villagers young and old have lost their lives due to not being able to make it in time.

He added that these ambulances were bought solely from the money he had earned through his shows abroad and that he does not intend to ask for donations from people. The actor is determined to buy 10 more ambulances this year to bring people together and help them in times of medical crises.

The power of giving back! Netizens are lauding Bala, who has only one or two films in his resume, for his kind heart and for donating his own hard-earned money to help the needy. It is worth mentioning that Bala's father is still working in a petrol pump to support his family. His act of kindness serves as an inspiration to those who are receiving hundreds of crores of salary and should take a leaf out of his book to give back to society.

Source: Filmbeat