Based on the Vakya Panchangam - Sani Peyarchi is scheduled for December 20, 2023. With holding significant importance in the Hindu community, the Malaysian Hindu Sangam advocates for the observance of Sanipeyarchi poojas and yagas in temples, emphasising the adherence to the guidance provided by the Vakya Panchangam for these rituals.

With that being said, the Thirukanitha Panchangam identified Saturn's transition in January. However, a prevalent practice in many temples involves following the sentence panchayat for rituals and ceremonies. This traditional approach, rooted in cultural and historical significance, diverges from the January timing indicated by the Thirukanitha Panchangam.

Moreover, the prediction of festivals and special days is often derived from an ancient-touched panchangam, further enriching the cultural tapestry surrounding these events.

As we approach this Sani Peyarchi, it presents an opportune moment for communal prayer and reflection, with an understanding that various temples may choose to align with different panchangams based on their respective traditions.

Source / Image Credit : Malaysia Hindu Sangam, OneIndiaTamil