A total number of 204 young scientists from 15 Tamil schools, 2 national secondary schools (SMK), 1 tertiary institution, and 1 kindergarten from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Negeri Sembilan achieved remarkable success at the World Youth STEM Invention Innovation (WYSII) 2024.

Competing against nearly 1,400 teams from 15 countries, these young scientists demonstrated exceptional prowess and creativity. Well, this is huge guys!

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A total of 45 teams from this diverse group of young minds earned prestigious accolades for their outstanding projects. They brought home 18 Gold Medals, 19 Silver Medals, and 8 Bronze Medals, indeed great reward to their hard work and dedication. Furthermore, the teams received 5 Special Awards, 2 Best Innovation Awards, 3 Best Entrepreneurship Awards, and 3 Best Video Presentation Awards, highlighting their multifaceted talents and innovative approaches.

This success not only underscores the high level of scientific inquiry and entrepreneurial spirit among the students but also reflects the strong educational foundation provided by their institutions. The achievements of these young scientists at WYSII 2024 mark a significant milestone in their academic journeys and serve as an inspiration to their peers and future participants in the realm of STEM innovation.