In a fervent appeal, industry leader Datuk Sri Ganes, President of Yayasan Mahir Malaysia and Chairman of SG Education Group Berhad, has called upon the government to institute a mandatory framework compelling industries, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to actively engage Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) students in industrial training placements.

Expressing concern over the prevailing inclination of industries towards hiring university students over their TVET counterparts, Datuk Sri Ganes emphasized the indispensable nature of industrial training for TVET students. Stressing the need to move beyond theoretical knowledge and examinations, he highlighted that industrial training is critical for recognizing and honing practical skills.

Despite the proven high employability of TVET graduates, particularly in emerging fields such as electric vehicles (EVs) and drones, Datuk Sri Ganes underscored the challenge posed by the absence of mandatory recruitment, which tends to favour university students. He urged authorities to level the playing field by making TVET internships obligatory for a more equitable employment landscape.

Acknowledging TVET as a potent force capable of nurturing skilled workers and contributing significantly to the nation's economic prosperity, Datuk Sri Ganes applauded recent advancements in TVET, especially in EVs and drones. He emphasized the potential for high-impact programs and substantial income generation within these domains.

Furthermore, he advocated for the establishment of a comprehensive ecosystem for EV education, encompassing reskilling and upskilling programs. These initiatives, he argued, would fortify expertise in EVs and drones, fostering a sustainable foundation for the nation's ongoing development and future endeavours. The proposal aligns with the evolving demands of industries, positioning TVET graduates at the forefront of specialized and in-demand sectors.

Source / Image Credit : Bernama, Berita Harian, The Vibes