The much-anticipated epic showdown of Big Stage Tamil S2 has come to an end!

The grand finale of Big Stage Tamil S2 commenced with a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja, setting the stage for a memorable evening of musical excellence. And this time around, we have the renowned singer Mano joined the esteemed panel of judges along with our ever beau Preetha and charming Dr Burn.

With that let’s have a look at the recap of Round 1 till Round 3!

Round 1 Highlights:

Ruhan kicked off Round 1 with a performance that set a high standard for the competition. His confident stage presence and exceptional vocal delivery impressed the judges, earning him positive feedback and setting a strong precedent for the evening.

Brema took the stage with her rendition of 'Vaa vaa pakkam vaa', commanding attention with her powerful vocals and stage charisma. Despite facing some pitching issues and minor hiccups during her performance, Brema showcased undeniable talent and passion for her craft.

Yoshiny brought energy to the stage with her bold performance of "Azhagu Malar Aade". While tackling a challenging song choice, Yoshiny faced tonation and pitching issues at times, but her enthusiasm and determination shone through, earning her recognition for her effort and commitment.

Nehsan impressed both the judges and the audience with his choice of the challenging song 'Aadal Kalaiye'. Judge Mano praised Nehsan for his courage in selecting such a demanding piece and commended him for delivering a commendable performance filled with emotion and authenticity.

Yassaskaran captivated the audience with his soulful rendition of 'Konji Konji Alaigaloda'. Despite encountering minor pronunciation issues, Yasskaran's charm and stage presence carried him through, earning him praise from the judges for his song choice and overall performance.

Nittyan begun his performance of 'Oorai Therinjukitten'. Despite facing initial challenges with shaky entry pitching, Nittyan managed to deliver a solid performance, demonstrating resilience and potential as a young artist.

Thivya concluded Round 1 with a captivating performance of 'En Vaanile'. Her polished stage presence and flawless vocal delivery earned her acclaim from the judges, with her performance standing out as one of the highlights of the evening.

Round 2 Highlights:

Dr. Burn commended Yassaskaran for his commendable performance in Round 2, despite minor flaws that did not detract from the overall quality of his delivery. Mano Sir provided constructive feedback, advising Yasskaran to place more emphasis on the lyrics, as it would enhance the emotional impact of the song, particularly considering its popularity among the audience.

Preetha acknowledged Yoshiny's beautiful voice and stage presence in Round 2 but noted a minor issue with landing notes during her performance. Mano Sir encouraged Yoshiny to dedicate more time to practice, emphasizing the importance of precision and consistency in her vocal delivery to elevate her performance to the next level.

Dr. Burn praised Ruhan for delivering a winning performance in Round 2, appreciating his ability to overcome minor flaws and deliver a captivating rendition of the song. Mano Sir commended Ruhan for tackling a difficult song with confidence and offered valuable tips and tricks to further enhance his performance skills.

Preetha acknowledged that the song choice suited Nittyan's voice but observed that he struggled to maintain the beat and appeared stressed during his Round 2 performance. Mano Sir offered words of encouragement, reminding Nittyan that consistent practice is key to overcoming performance challenges and encouraged him to focus on refining his skills to achieve his full potential.

Dr. Burn expressed disappointment with Thivya's Round 2 performance compared to her earlier performance in Round 1. Mano Sir acknowledged some minor mistakes but praised Thivya for her unique metallic voice, which he believed was well-suited for recording. He provided constructive feedback to help her address the performance issues.

Round 3 Highlights:

Well, the anticipation reaches its peak as the Top 3 Finalists – Thivya, Ruhan, and Yassaskaran – take the stage for Round 3 of Big Stage Tamil S2 Grand Finale. This round promises to be legendary, as the finalists have the honour of performing alongside the iconic singer, Mano.

Ruhan begins the Round 3 with a mesmerizing rendition of the timeless classic 'Kaattukuyilu', showcasing his vocal prowess and stage presence in perfect harmony with Mano's legendary talent.

Next, Yassaskaran graces the stage with an unforgettable performance of 'Hey Raaja Ondranom Indru', captivating the audience with his charm and artistry, complemented by Mano.

As the audience holds their breath in anticipation, the moment of truth arrives – who will be crowned the champion of Big Stage Tamil S2?

Ruhan emerges victorious, earning the well-deserved title of champion. Congratulations to Ruhan on his mind-blowing achievement and stellar performance throughout the competition.

With Big Stage Tamil S2 came to an end, we reflect on the journey of all the contestants, who poured their hearts and souls into each performance. Regardless of the outcome, we commend their dedication and talent, wishing them all the best in their future endeavors.

As the curtains close on this unforgettable chapter, we extend our gratitude to everyone who made Big Stage Tamil S2 a resounding success.