It's always great to see the fashion scene in Malaysia continue to evolve and grow, with more up-and-coming designers making their marks in the industry.

With that, we feel proud to say, Gurdip Kaur - is the first Malaysian to participate in Couture Fashion Week 2024 which will be taking place in New York.

Born and bred in Penang, Gurdip's participation in the Couture Fashion Week in New York will undoubtedly pave the way for other Malaysian designers to showcase their talent and creativity on an international platform. Besides shining among the stars, her breakthrough will eventually help in promoting Malaysian fashion and design to the world and put Malaysia on the map as a hub for creative and innovative designs.

Her win of the Best Fashion Designer Award at the New York Couture Fashion Week held in Malaysia is a testament to her talent and hard work. It shows that her unique designs and creativity have been recognized and appreciated by the fashion industry.

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Reported by World of Buzz, Gurdip says:

“It's important to recognize and promote the talent that exists beyond the well-established brands and industries. As an independent designer, I had the opportunity to showcase my unique creativity and contribute to the diversity of perspectives in my field. “

It's always inspiring and exciting to see talented individuals from different parts of the world excel in their respective fields and represent their countries on the global stage. We’re sure Gurdip Kaur will make Malaysia proud on the international stage.

Image Credit / Source: Life Style Asia , Dipsy Mystique