Made out of betel leaf and areca nuts, paan and gutka are smokeless tobacco found in India, Southeast Asia and even Taiwan.

Known for stimulating euphoria especially when ingested in tiny amounts, having this habit comes with its side effects too.

While gutka and paan do not contain dangerous chemicals, tar and smoke, these are some facts to consider if you're thinking of turning this into a habit.

Difficulty in Breathing

There have been cases of individuals suffering from breathing issues after ingesting the gutka. Health experts have come across people who suffer from wheezing and an increased breathing pace. If you're allergic to palm and nuts, you can suffer from these issues.

Cancerous Elements

Folks who ingest betel nut on a regular basis can suffer from oral submucous fibrosis. It's an ailment which makes it extremely difficult to open your mouth. The risk of mouth, liver, cervix, stomach, prostate, and lung cancer is also much higher among those who ingest gutka and paan. If you're someone who suffers from asthma, it is best to stay away from these intoxicants.

Terrible for the Body

The chemicals in the betel leaves are known to cause color change in your skin. People who regularly ingest paan and gutka have complained of blurry vision. There have also been instances where individuals have suffered from tremors, muscle stiffness and are unable to move some parts of their body.

Highly Toxic

Ingesting paan and gutka on a regular basis increases saliva production, induces sweating, diarrhea, and fever. Because of its toxicity, people have also complained of forgetting with some suffering from confusion. Majority of the people who've experienced these side effects are long time users.

Effects on New Users

For short term users, they've experienced vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps. The plant is also known to cause chest pain and increase or decrease blood pressure. Gutka and paan also raises the body's temperature and induces heart beat that is irregular.

Effects on Seasoned Users

If you've been ingesting gutka and paan for a long time, be careful of kidney anomalies and the risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

If you know a friend or a relative who ingests gutka and paan on a regular basis, show them this post to warn them of the side effects of this habit.

Photo source: Aurora Dawn
Article Source: Livestrong