Our former national Cricketer, Harinder Sekhon has earned impressive accolades around the world and this time around, he has carved his name in the Guinness World Record for the Highest Seated Jump 1.52m in October.

Defying the odds, the two-time world record holder celebrated a historic milestone earlier this month after receiving the prestigious cert on his hands. Check out the Instagram post below:

A post shared by Harinder Sekhon (@harinsekhon)

Having said so, this is not his first blazing milestone. Previously, Harinder smashed the World record for the Highest Standing Jump with one leg at 1.384m (4ft 6.5in tall) and also broke the national record for the Highest Standing Jump at 140 cm (55 in tall). He deserves a big shout-out from Malaysia, man!

Harinder’s astonishing achievements recently added to his glittering passion. Knowing him as an international school Mathematics teacher, Harinder has been active in sports since he was 14 years old. It all began as a hobby for him to maintain his fitness, but it soon turned into an obsession when he discovered that he could leap higher in every training session. His passion for cricket led him to play for Kuala Lumpur and represent Malaysia till 2016, FMT reported.

His next aim is to break another record related to the long jump by the first quarter of 2023. We are rooting for you, Harinder!

Thank you for working tirelessly to raise the sport's profile in all corners of the globe. Hats off to Harinder Sekhon for bringing glory to the nation!