One of the celebrated music directors of Tamil Cinema, Harris Jayaraj started his musical tour in Malaysia this year by performing for the first time for an audience of 30,000. The Live-in concert was organized by Malaysia's leading production and distribution house Malik Streams. Titled 'Hearts Of Harris', the concert witnessed a massive response from the crowd, leading to the next concert 2.0 in February.

Presented by Dato Abdul Malik, these concerts delivered a one-of-a-kind experience which showcased some of the most talented and well-known musical artists. With energetic and electrifying performances, these concerts featured a diverse lineup of artists from various genres such as pop, rock, country, and hip-hop, where the audience sang and danced along to some of the biggest hits.

The Axiata Arena transformed into an unforgettable concert experience with state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting to enhance the experience. The seating arrangement was carefully designed to provide comfortable and clear views of the stage for everyone in attendance.

Following 'Hearts Of Harris 2.0', 3.0 & 4.0 were recently held last week in Malaysia. The show opened with singers Tipu, Harini, Sathyaprakash and Aalaap Raju who had the crowd up on their feet with their electrifying performance. Their high energy and captivating voice set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Next up were Karthik, Krish and Vishnupriya who brought a wholly different vibe to the stage. Their soulful music and mesmerizing vocals had the audience swaying to their tunes.

As the night wore on, the concert continued to captivate the audience with an array of performances that merged different genres of music. It was a testament to the versatility of the musicians and their ability to seamlessly merge different styles into one unforgettable performance.

Eminent personalities from the industry such as Director Gautham Vasudev Menon, Ramya Subramaniam, Anu Immanuel and Mirnalini Ravi graced the event with their presence and enthralled the audience with their speech and performances.

The concert ended on a high note with a thrilling performance by Haricharan, Sridhar Sena, Sharmi La and Saindhavi. They left the crowd in awe, and the only thing the audience could do was to give them a standing ovation.

Overall, the musical concert was a massive success. The performers were amazing and did an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout the night. It was a remarkable experience, and everyone left feeling completely satisfied asking for yet another show.

Harris Jayaraj's 'Hearts Of Harris' concerts created a world record for four sell out shows. The music composer will now be performing HOH 5.0 in Penang, HOH 6.0 in Singapore and HOH 7.0 in Malaysia next.