The trailblazing Malaysian child model, Harshavardini Alagendra made history as the first Malaysian to grace the pages of the esteemed London-based monthly, Pretty Little Poser Model Magazine. Her feature in Issue 363 – Elegance, where she has been acclaimed as the Elegance Model and recipient of the People Choice Gold Award, marks a significant milestone in her burgeoning career.

Pretty Little Poser Model Magazine serves as a platform for aspiring models, photographers, designers, and other creative professionals to showcase their talents. Harshavardini's inclusion underscores her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft, earning her recognition on an international stage.

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Beyond her modelling prowess, Harshavardini's journey to fame began with her triumph at the 2023 STEM Invention & Innovation Competition alongside her partner, Kharthika Murali. Their creation, the PF50 Mineral Sunscreen, not only provides protection against UV rays but also enhances memory and concentration—a testament to their ingenuity and commitment to innovation.

Harshavardini's versatility extends beyond the realms of modelling, as she excels in academics, speech, singing, and displays a profound passion for science since childhood. Her collaborative spirit with Kharthika, a diligent school prefect with a shared passion for science and sustainability, has led to their remarkable climate-saving invention.

Congratulations, lil one!

Source / Image Credit : Pretty Little Poser Model Magazine , Shasah Sweta's Facebook