Tulasi is the “Queen of Herbs” and the most sacred herb in India!

There are three variants of Tulasi which are Rama Tulasi, Krishna Tulasi and Vana Tulasi, and each of the variants has its own distinctive taste. The parts of Tulasi that’s generally used are its leaves, seeds and dried roots.

The extract obtained from Tulasi plant is used to cure various diseases such as common cold, inflammation, malaria, heart diseases, and many more.

Check out these amazing health benefits of Tulasi:

1. Fever and Common Cold

A decoction of the leaves boiled with cardamom powder in half a liter of water mixed with sugar and milk brings down the temperature of acute fever.

2. Cough and Respiratory Problems

A decoction of leaves with honey and ginger is an effective remedy for bronchitis, asthma, influenza and cold. Also, a decoction of leaves, cloves and salt relieves influenza.

3. Aids in Weight Loss

The leaves taken with homemade fresh curd helps in reducing excess weight and fights laziness by renewing your energy levels. It also facilitates new blood cell formation.

4. Helps to Get Rid of Bad Breath

You can chew a handful of leaves to prevent bad breath. This is particularly effective for smokers.

5. Anti-Cancer

Tulasi is anti-carcinogenic in nature and helps to treat some forms of cancer like breast cancer. It also restricts the blood vessels that feed tumors and inhibit the growth of oral cancer that is caused by tobacco.

Picture credit: pinterest.com