Amidst the festivities of Deepavali, renowned brands such as Astro, Maxis, and Petronas have graced us with a splendid array of video ads that resonate with the spirit of the Festival of Lights. These masterfully crafted commercials transcend mere advertisements, encapsulating snapshots of unity, diversity, and cultural harmony in Malaysia with raw honesty and brilliant storytelling.

Deepavali 2023 promises to be a luminous celebration, not just for its traditional splendour but also for the brilliance exhibited in the advertising realm. The brands have truly elevated their storytelling, creating commercials that not only tug at our heartstrings but also spread like wildfire across our social media feeds.

In homage to this festive custom, let's immerse ourselves in the magic of Deepavali 2023 by watching some of our favourite commercials. Each one a testament to the artistry and innovation that brands bring to our celebrations, enhancing the festive season with profound narratives and visual splendour.

Let’s have a look at the advertisements that garnered our attention this time:



Air Selangor




Celcom DIGI



Sunway Group


We can't help but be amazed at the impressive effort and creativity showcased the videos that have been created by the brainchilds. Their thoughtful message only adds to our admiration!