Indeed a thumping time!

Spearheaded by Malik Streams Corporation - Hearts of Harris 2.0 leaves a mesmerizing showcase of Kollywood hits from the one and only Isai Minnal.

The audience put their heart into Harris' concert!

In one of a lifetime's worth of powerhouse performances, Hearts of Harris 2.0 Concert has touched our hearts with unforgettable moments that needed a special mention in this article.

The entry of Isai Minnal Harris Jayaraj

Clad in white and silver attire, the star of the night broke into his masterpiece Uyire Uyire from the film Kaakha Kaakha along with singers Sharmila and Diwaker.

The man who has been ruling the Kollywood music industry since the early 20s has been delivering unique scores for his fans, and it can be any genre. Freeze a moment, as concertgoers thought it was CHITTI 2.0 as he exactly resembles him.

Karthik -the great singer with a mellifluous voice

Right after the ever-charming Karthik began to sing the first note of ‘Ava Enna Enna’…..the audience was swept into another world!

What a euphonious voice. Those in the audience who sat comfortably were completely immersed in Karthik’s awesomeness, and they couldn’t stop themselves from dancing to every bit of this song.

Harish Raghavendra enraptured us with the evergreen song ‘Mudher Kanave’

After ages, the professional playback singer Harish Raghavendra who has the most sought-after voice made his triumphant return to the stage by crooning his notable songs, ‘Mudher Kanave’ and ‘Aagaya Sooriyanani’ along with the co-singer - Hari Priya. Their vocals were just sublime.

The original song had wowed the hearts of music lovers and topped music charts for years at the same time staying evocative and powerful till this very day.

Energetic & Power Packed performance for Yethi Yethi

The four amazing singers - Benny Dayal, Naresh Iyer, Christopher, and Sridhar delivered a powerhouse performance of "Yethi Yethi" which dazzled the audience.

Not to forget the spectacularly choreographed dancers were a mix of hip-hop and classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam chosen for this song. With the music and dancing and lights, it was all just spectacular!

Benny Dayal’s electrifying energy throughout the show

What would the Hearts of Harris be without intense energy from Benny?

The peppy and energetic singer took things to the next level with his mind-blowing performance of Adiye Kolluthey, Ennai Konjam Maatri, etc that got the entire arena grooving along with him.

A sea of flashlights for Saindhavi’s Vaseegara

The ever-beautiful crooner left everyone in awe with her solo performance ‘Vassegara’.

Leaving a sea of flashlights in the dark, the singer enveloped the audience to feel her voice through a spectrum of emotions.

Nikhil on the flute/saxophone drove the audience insane

Concertgoers know that things are about to go crazy when Nikhil begins to play the ‘Mudher Kanave’ tune on his saxophone.

The man who stole the show during the first concert Harris in Bukit Jalil has once again enthralled the audience by playing the utmost shared BGM around social media platforms. It was a surreal moment to witness it LIVE.

An impeccable director cut a song for a live piano performance

A soothing live music performance by all the singers…

Indeed an awestruck moment to watch the musical genius playing piano along with the wonderful playback singers. A plethora of audience were seen singing along with the singers, and Harris was overwhelmed with the love that he’s been receiving from his Malaysian fans.

Malik Streams Corporation deserves a standing ovation!

A special shout-out to the organiser. Please take a bow for organising such a mind-blowing concert. From Yuvan 25 to Heats of Harris, Malik Streams has been on the ball with the minute details of the show. The concert also saw a perfect combo of cameo performances from the talented group comprising notable playback singers and a special mention to the band - they were nothing short of perfect!

From belting out ‘Uyire Uyire’ as the first song in the show to ‘Manjal Veyil’, their song selection was simply brilliant. Having Harish Raghavendra in the Heart of Harris 2.0 concert was an excellent choice. The man with a golden voice has melted the audience's heart, and that too after 22 years!

One word to simply how the audience felt throughout the concert - EXTRAVAGANZA!

Image Courtesy: Malik Streams Corporation