What is Deepavali without an Air Selangor advertisement?

Deepavali - the Festival of Lights, is not only a time for celebration but also an occasion to witness heartwarming advertisements that touch our souls. Air Selangor has once again woven a touching narrative titled 'Murukku Mella Kirukku' that has captured the hearts of netizens.

This poignant story begins with a universal truth that resonates with people of all backgrounds: "No problems are too big as long as we have family by our side." Who knew that the humble Murukku could bring a whole family together during the Deepavali season?

The Ramaiah family's Deepavali preparations take an unexpected twist, and what a better way it could be to witness their joyous journey that becomes the thread binding their family even tighter.

The inspiration behind Air Selangor’s motivation is universal; an ode to nostalgia; in the tapestry of Indian households, there exists a timeless tale of sentimental value, one that harks back through the corridors of generations. It's the tale of old biscuit tins and jars, preserved with the reverence of cherished artifacts, held in esteem akin to that of prized trophies. These humble containers serve as the guardians of a precious tradition - the making and preservation of Deepavali Murukku, a quintessential South Indian delicacy.

Mrs. Maragatham, an artisan of the art of Murukku-making, stands as the torchbearer of this cherished tradition. With Deepavali on the horizon, she endeavours to ensure that the legacy of crafting this delectable treat lives on. She carefully retrieves her beloved Murukku jar, a vessel not only of flour and spices but also of familial heritage and love, stored with meticulous care over the years. Yet, in the cruel twist of fate, an unfortunate accident befalls her.

As she stumbles, her hand is injured, threatening to disrupt the continuation of a tradition that has woven itself into the very fabric of her family's history. Following that, adversity casts a shadow over the Ramaiah family's Deepavali celebration - Mr. Ramesh, the steadfast husband of Mrs. Maragatham, is consumed by concern. The prospect of this year's Murukku remaining unmade looms ominously, threatening to disrupt a cherished tradition. In a gesture that underscores the strength of familial connections, their two daughters-in-law and daughters step forward, offering to undertake the intricate task of crafting the Murukku.

Mr. Ramesh, initially gripped by doubts and skepticism, questions whether they can replicate the culinary artistry of their beloved family matriarch, Mrs. Maragatham. His concerns are natural, given the years of experience and love that she has poured into this traditional delight. All three individuals wholeheartedly embrace the challenge that lies ahead. Their collective goal is clear: to recreate the Murukku with the same devotion, care, and love that Mrs. Maragatham has invested in the tradition over the years.

As guests gather to celebrate, the delightful aroma of Murukku fills the air. Little do they know of the secret that adds an extra layer of sweetness to this festive occasion. In a touching moment, Mrs. Maragatham, the heart and soul of the Murukku-making tradition, decides to reveal the truth. She shares that, due to her unfortunate injury, she was unable to make the Murukku this year.

Instead, it was her daughters-in-law and daughters who took up the mantle, working together to ensure that the tradition remained alive and vibrant. This touching narrative is a poignant reminder that when family unites, the mantra 'hard work makes the dream work' comes to life. It emphasizes the strength of family bonds and the enchanting magic that unfolds when loved ones come together to overcome challenges. Through their effort, they ensure that traditions endure and Deepavali is celebrated with even more meaning and joy.

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