The first day of school can be a mix of emotions for both students and parents. Some are eager to start a new chapter, while others may be feeling the "first day fright".

Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty, a heartwarming moment emerged on Facebook this year. A student, overwhelmed with emotion on her first day of school, found comfort in the hand of her classmate. This simple act of kindness speaks volumes about the power of empathy and the strength of human connection. A heart-warming scene unfolded at SJK (C) Yu Hua Kajang as a new school year began.

Friends supporting friends - this touching photo of a student holding her classmate's hand on the first day of school is pure friendship goals.

A student who was seen nervous and teary-eyed, hesitated at the school gate. Supported by her mother, a kind gesture ensued when a classmate, also a first-year student, courageously held her hand, silently accompanying her through the unfamiliar experience.

Despite the language barrier, their shared journey exemplified the power of friendship and tolerance, leaving a touching impression on the netizen.

Despite the initial uneasiness and timidity, their presence by each other's side on this new learning journey brought comfort. This touching moment struck a chord in our heart and reminded us of the true strength of friendship.

Source / Image Credit : SJK C Yu Hua Kajang 加影育華國民型華文小學