Bringing tears of joy to our eyes, a father's unwavering support and love shines through as he runs alongside his special child in the Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon (KLSCM 2023).

The touching video, shared by @wiradihan, captured the father's unwavering dedication as he ran while pushing his special kid in a wheelchair. The joy on his child's face reflected the happiness of being part of this remarkable event.

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In a touching moment, the father lifted his champ and carried her as they approached the finish line, inspiring both spectators and fellow participants. The community rallied around them, offering encouragement and assistance by pushing the wheelchair.

Upon crossing the finish line, the father affectionately kissed his daughter's cheek before placing him back in the wheelchair. A photo shared afterward depicted the daughter proudly wearing the well-deserved running medal.

Source: Tik Tok