The highly anticipated event of the year, the Ulagam Awards 2023 has finally ended in grandeur way at Shah Alam City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam).

With that let's have a look at the winners of Ulagam Awards 2023!

Ulagam Awards Winners of Best Award Categories:

Winner of Best Cinematography : Daven. R (Virus)

Winner of Best Director (Non-fiction) : Kumaran Ramasamy (Rap Porkalam S2)

Winner of Best Director Series: Ven Soma & Rubindran Nair (Astra)

Winner of Best Director Telemovie: Yuvaraj Krishnasamy (Manameh Ketkava)

Winner of Best Lyricist: Venu.G & Daddey Jack (Kanney Kollathey) / Yuwaji (Ithana Thavam)

Winner of Best Production Design: Jay Dinesh (Virus)

Winner of Best Script Series: Rajhashuryen & Deepban M. Vignesh (Virus)

Winner of Best Scripts Telemovie: Datin Sri Shaila V & Yuvaraj Krishnasamy (Manameh Ketkava)

Winner of Best Series of The Year : Tamiletchumy Season 2

Winner of Best Editing: Lourdes Gason (Nadunisi KL - Wedding Photographer Episode)

Winner of Best Promo Trailer: M.S. Prem Nath (Veera)

Winner of Best Sound Design: Jeson Gnanapnegasam (Nadunisi KL)

Winner of Best Visual and Speacial VFX: Manoj Kumar Ganapathi (Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal S2)

Winner of Best Make Up: Ella Sandera (Kadhaanayagi-SPX Make up)

Winner of Best Wardrobe : Sheemashini Agilan (Manameh Ketkava)

Ulagam Award Winners for Popular Award Categories - Phase 2

Winner of Popular Lead Male: Yuvaraj Krishnasamy (Vengaiyan Magan / Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal S2 / Tittam Pottu Kadathure Koottam)

Winner of Popular Lead Female: Moon Nila (Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu / Tamiletchumy S2)

Winner of Popular Actress / Actor in Supporting Roles: Sri Kumaran (Tamiletchumy Season 2)

Winner of Popular Actress / Actor in Negative Roles: Shakti Maya (Pallavi Bakery)

Winner of Popular Comedy Performance: Kuben (Raam Leela Lockdown / Nadunisi Kl)

Winner of Popular Telemovie Of The Year: Manameh Ketkava (Shaibha Vision Entertainment Sdn Bhd)

Winner of Popular Series : Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal S2 (S Cape Imagination Sdn Bhd)

Winner of Popular Tv Show: Saravedi Night

Winner of Popular Tv Host: Uthaya (Saravedi Night / Attagasa Ponggal)

Winner of Popular News Or Current Affairs Presenter Anchor : Mahendran Veluplay (Pru15 - Malaysia Memilih / Astro Seithigal)

Winner of Popular Announcer Of The Year : Uthaya (Hypermalai)

Winner of Popular Singer Of The Year: Amos Paul (Mudhal Mudhal)

Winner of Popular Malaysian Tamil Movie Of The Year : Poochandi (Triumbakaa Sdn Bhd)

Winner of Popular Digital Content Creator: Gunamax (@Gunamax_)

Winner Popular Digital Video Content: Wash Your Legs Before Entering House (Gunamax_

That's not all. Three prominent figures in Malaysian entertainment industry namely - Kalaimamani K.S Maniam, Kalaimamani Eagavalli and Isaivel Isaithendral T.N.Mariappan have been given the Lifetime Achievement Awards for their immense contributions to the local Tamil entertainment industry. Congratulations to all the winners !