It's time to pack those bags and visit Sarawak, folks. If you want adventure, history, good food, nature and a peaceful place to relax, then Sarawak is your answer!

We've listed some of the best but not well-known places that you could go for a good time.

1. Kampung Panchor

Kampung Panchor Hot Spring which is located at Kampung Panchor Dayak, 40km from Kuching City is deep in the forest and offers a chance for you to unwind mentally and physically.

It is accessible via Kuching-Serian Road and is managed by the local community. It is open to the public daily from 7.00 am till 10.00pm with a nominal entrance fee of RM3 per adult and children over 12 years old. The temperature of the water at Kampung Panchor Hot Spring is an average of 42 degrees Celsius.

2. Rucksack rainforest kayaking

If you need adventure in the water, check out Rucksack Rainforest Kayaking. Paddling leisurely down the mouth of Sungai Sarawak Kiri, you will be greeted by the limestone formations and towering riverine trees.

Lunch will be served at the Bidayuh village before exploring a herb garden. The kayaking trips are suitable for children aged 5 and above as long as they are accompanied by an adult).

3. The Brooke galley

The gallery is gateway into Sarawak's history - the various tribes, the political challenges and the role of the White Rajahs in it. It will give an in-depth insight into the way the Brooke dynasty governed the state with a forward thinking mindset. You can also visit the nearby river and Fort Margherita.

4. Clearwater caves

Clearwater cave is a Asia's longest cave, measuring 107 km with a subterranean river, part of which is navigable by boat. There are two ways of reaching Clearwater -you can trek along a 4 km nature trail for one and a half hours; or by a long boat along the Melinau River, with a pit at Wind Cave along the way.

The Wind Cave is named because of the cool breezes which can be felt at the narrow parts of the cave and has many impressive stalactites, stalagmites, flowrocks, helitites and rock corals, some which are illuminated in the 'King's" Room.

From Wind Cave you can either follow a plankwalk or take a boat to a picnic area near the entrance of Clearwater Cave. Either way the journey takes about 5 minutes. 200 steps lead up through the forest to the mouth of Clearwater Cave.

5. Sarawak orchid garden

This 5.4 acre property is strategically located opposite the Kuching Waterfront in the vicinity of the historical Astana and Fort Margherita and houses Sarawak's very own State Flower, the Normah Orchid (Phalaenopsis Bellina).

The Orchid Garden is divided into two major areas, made up of the nursery and the display area, which has an impressive 75,000 types of orchids of 82 genera. You'll get to see the Lady's Slipper (Paphiopedilum Sanderianum), Coelogyne Pandurata – the green and black flowered orchid, Bulbophyllum Beccarii – the flower with stinking smell and the Vandal Dearei – a fragrant flowered orchid.

6. Siniawan night market

Siniawan is a small town in the Bau district, about 20km away from Kuching, the Capital of Sarawak.

Its night market takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Located 21 km away from Kuching city, this small town is a beautiful place to spend the evening relaxing and eating good food. The street is lined with old wooden townhouses, and Chinese lanterns light the street below. Pitcher plant rice, locally called Lemang Periuk Kera is one of the 'trademark' foods you can find here along with other traditional Chinese, Malay and Dayak food. The Lui Teh and Ngo Hiang are also recommended.

Source: Sarawak Tourism, Trip Advisor
Photo source: Sarawak Tourism, yyangg.wordpress, tripadvisor, Helen Gray, visit Malaysia, Foursquare