Well, the eagerly awaited return of Big Stage Tamil Season 2, hosted by the accomplished Saint and Vikneswari has made its way back yesterday and we just can’t wait to write a short review about the show.

The ultimate singing competition, graced by the discerning panel of judges comprising Dr. Burn, Preetha Prasad, and Yugendran Vasudevan. Without further ado, let's delve into the judges' critiques of the Big Stage Tamil S2 contestants:


Thanuja, the first contestant, commenced the competition gracefully with "Itho Itho Yen Pallavi." While her song selection showcased her musical prowess, the judges, including Dr. Burn, noticed slight issues in Shruthi and Thaalam. Thanuja's positive response to feedback reflects her commendable attitude.


Berma delivered a grooving performance with "Hello Mr. Ethirkatchi," highlighting her vocal talent. However, mixed reviews arose due to song selection. Dr. Burn praised her, Yugen emphasised breathing practices, and Preetha noted pitching issues, urging potential improvements.


Ruhan's smart and energetic performance of "Oh Oh Kikku Yerudhey" impressed the judges. While capturing attention with dance steps and stage presence, tonation adjustments were suggested for further enhancement. Ruhan showcased promise and potential.


Gajendran faced challenges in song selection, failing to convey a variety of emotions through facial expressions and body language. Despite possessing a good voice, improvements in conveying emotions were recommended by the judges.


Yassaskaran's rendition of 'Vanna Nilave' was a poignant moment, fulfilling his father's dream. The judges appreciated his overall performance, highlighting confidence, tones, and expressions. Dr. Burn advised attention to pronunciation for further refinement.


There’s no denying that Charuhasne has a beautiful voice in her rendition of "Aasaiya Kaathula Thoothu Vittu." Despite facing breathing issues and occasional nervousness, her unique voice stood out.

With that, let have a look at the overall scores of our contestants:

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